Italian Courses Online

Language schools have a wide range of Italian courses and programs; unfortunately, there are many people, who cannot travel to an Italian-speaking country in order to improve their Italian language skills. However, internet has solved this problem, because there is a large list of Italian language schools that offer Italian courses online and more and more students decide to follow them; these courses have several resources to make one’s learning experience the best.

Distance learning has become very popular among students; these courses include language programs such as Italian, Spanish, English, French and many other courses. If one chooses an Italian online course, one will have the control under one’s learning pace. These courses allow students to learn Italian language at any time and wherever they are, while they have an internet connection.

Italian Courses Online

Many students prefer Italian courses online, because they can learn Italian language while they’re working or studying. Online courses allow people to continue with their normal activities. Learning Italian by internet is very fun, most websites offers different tools to improve our Italian language skills, these tools includes games, exercises, online books, Italian texts and chats with other Italian learners.

Italian lessons online, as one sees, are the perfect solution for all language students who cannot visit Italy or another Italian-speaking country. These courses will help one to learn Italian in a fun way and ones’ own pace. Now, one is ready to start learning Italian by Internet. It’s the best way to learn Italian at home. If you have the change to visit Italy in the future in order to take a course, it will be easier to learn as you will have an important language knowledge.

The Lingualia Learning Model

Become fluent in Italian with Lingualia dialogues, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary training results in written and spoken comprehension. Let the Lingubot intelligent system guide you through the learning process. The Lingualia app allows students to download the Lingubot platform, join classes and exchange with colleagues and instructors.

Social network based educational foreign language learning is the best community based resource for Italian language instruction. Lingualia - language courses are the fastest method of attaining proficiency in Italian online. Learn language in a learner centred, virtual environment. Lingualia courses are developed by native, certified language professionals. Course levels are comprised of ten units. Each lesson covers linguistic and cultural areas pertinent to the language. Take Lingu’s level test and discover your exact level in the language of your choice.

Italian language students can access courses developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The protocol to learning language at Lingualia is so effective, that dynamic results to dialogues, grammar, phonetics and vocabulary training results in written and spoken comprehension. Become fluent in Italian with Lingualia.

Lingualia Social Network Community

Knowledge sharing has never been so productive. Seek assistance from a community of peers and professional linguists while having fun. Lingualia’s social network allows students to practice online at any time.

Lingubot Smart Learning

The most innovative and intelligent site for interactive language learning, Lingualia is the only Linugbot guided system. Lingubot is nothing short of smart application, user feedback. User intelligence is aggregated for modeling of language components. Success in dialogue contributes to learner grammar, phonetics and vocabulary as lessons progress. Lingubot smart applications respond with precision.

Lingualia app Solution

Download one of the best language learning apps for practical learning on the go for iPhone. No more worries about not making it to class. Linqualia is accessible by way of iOS mobile devices (i.e. iPhone). Interface, login, text and speak with the social network community on the Lingualia platform.

Speak Italian in ten progressive lessons. Learn language in Lingualia language courses online. Lingualia offers social network community and language courses in Italian.

Reasons to study Italian online

If you want to study Italian language, you can choose between traditional courses and courses online. In this page we will show some of the best reasons to choose a course online.

  • A course online is cheaper than a traditional course.
  • There are many jobs and careers that demand a good working knowledge of the Internet, so if you complete a course online, you will have more opportunities to fill it.
  • All that is necessary is proper access to a standard personal computer with internet connectivity.
  • Online classes, by contrast, can be engineered to support students with intellectual and physical disabilities.
  • If you do not understand some topic, you can repeat this topic again and again.
  • Classes can be taken whenever you have time.
  • The Internet makes it possible the communication between students and teachers without long commutes.

Difference between Italian Online and Italian Abroad?

Both methods provide you flexibility for where and when you study. However, studying online is totally interactive with immediate correction of the exercises. Studying online offers you additional opportunities for interaction with email, discussion boards and chat rooms. enabling you to communicate with your personal tutor and there by exchanging the learning experience.