Italian Verb conjugator

Italian verb conjugator provide the tools enough to conjugate Italian verbs in many grammar times; Italian verbs host a large set of clitics, either pronominal or encoding argument relations (reflexives and reciprocals), as well as syntactic structures (middle, anticausative, impersonal and passive), so one must learn these details in order to handle Italian language as well as a native speaker.

There are two types of Italian verbs: regular and irregular; Italian regular verbs follow some grammatical rules but each Italian irregular verb has their own grammatical rules to be conjugated. All Italian verbs conjugators help students to make an easy task to conjugate any Italian verb besides learning the correct form to use them.

Italian Regular Verbs


aspettare to wait conoscere to know dormire to sleep
arrivare to arrive correre to run partire to depart
comprare to buy credere to believe seguire to follow
mostrare to show leggere to read sentire to feel
mangiare to eat perdere to lose vestire to dress
parlare to speak rispondere to answer coprire to cover
pensare to think ricevere to receive suggerire to suggest
portare to carry scrivere to write costruire to build
visitare to visit vedere to see spedire to send
riservare to reserve vivere to live
to reside
capire to understand

Italian Irregular Verbs


andare to go fare to do/to make
avere to have potere to be able/ can
dare to give stare to be
dire to say/to tell vedere to see
dovere to have/ must venire to come
essere to be volere to want

Italian Reflexive Verbs


Arrampicarsi to climb Lavarsi to wash oneself
Avvicinarsi to approach Sistemarsi to settle down
Controllarsi to control oneself    

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