Italian Onomatopoeia

Bang! boom! pop! splat! thump! goosh! boing! sss!.

As you say these words, you can hear each of these different sounds that objects make, and there are lots more of them. That's onomatopoeia, using speech sounds to mimic sounds we hear around us.

In Italian there are many of onomatopoeic sounds, for example:

Animal name Sound name Onomatopoeia
Le api (bees) ronzano (buz) zzzzzz
Gli uccelli (birds) cinguettano (chirp) cip cip.
I gatti (cast) miagolano (mew) miao.
I pulcini (chicks) pigolano pio pio.
Le mucche (cows) muggiscono (low) muuuuuu.
I corvi (crows) gracchiano (caw) cra cra.
I cuculi (cuckoos)   cucú, cucú..
I cani (dogs) abbaiano (bark) bau bau.
Gli asini (donkeys) ragliano (bray) i-oo, i-oo.
Le oche (geese) starnazzano (honk) qua qua.
Le rane (frogs) gracidano (croak) cra cra.
Le galline (hens) (cakle and cluck) coccodè.
I cavalli (horses) nitriscono (neigh or whinney)  
I topi (rats) squittiscono (squeak) squitt squitt.
I galli (roosters) (crook) chicchirichí.
Le pecore (sheeps) belano (bleat) beeee.