Italian Interjection

An interjection is a word or expression often given increased emotive value in the stream of speech.

Although a interjección can form a complete sentence (that is to say, expressing a thought with no need of a subject and a verb), one can often also be inserted within an sentence, separated generally by commas of the rest of the sentence. Interjections are rarely used in formal or business writing. In print interjection is usually followed by an exclamation mark or a comma:

  • suvvia! = C'mon!

  • aiuto! = help!

  • hey! = hey!

  • oh! = wow!

  • ahi! = ouch!

  • bontà mia! = My goodness!


  • Ahi!  Mi sono rotto una gamba!
    »  Ouch! I broke my leg!
  • Suvvia, vedi di non dire sciocchezze!
    »  C'mon stop talking nonsense!

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