Italian Expressions

In every language we find the so-called 'idiomatic expressions', which are sentences characteristic for their expressiveness; they are difficult to translate literally or rationally.

Here is a small list of commonly used idiomatic expressions:

Avere la stoffa del campione

To have what it takes to be a champion

Averne fin sopra i capelli

To be fed up with something or someone


Come on!

Dare un colpo di telefono

To telephone

Dare per scontato

To take for granted

Darsi del tu

To speak to each other informally

Fare il bagno

To take a bath

Fare benzina

To get gasoline

Fare colazione

To have breakfast

Fare due passi

To take a walk

Fare la doccia

To take a shower

Fare una foto

To take a photograph

Fare quattro chiacchiere

To chat

Fare un salto

To drop by someone or somewhere

Farsi un nome

To become well known

Farsi in quattro

To work very hard

Essere a secco

To be out of money or gasoline

Essere giù di morale

To feel down

Essere in piena forma

To feel great; be in great shape

Essere fuori di sé

To be angry

Essere fuori di testa

To be out of control; nut

Essere tagliato per un lavoro

To be cut for the job

In bocca al lupo

Good luck; break your leg

Lasciare stare;
Lasciare perdere

To give up

Mettersi in proprio

To set up on one's own

Mi prendono i cinque minuti

I become furious, enraged

Non mi fa né caldo né freddo

It doesn't make any difference for me

Non mollare

Don't give up

Osso duro

Tough cookie

Passarsela bene

To have a good period in life

Prendere in giro

To pull one's leg

Tenere duro

To hold on, don't give up

Un tipo in gamba

A smart, capable person

A chi tocca? Tocca a noi.

Whose turn is it? It's our turn.

Vecchia roccia

Good, old, strong person/ friend