Demonstrative Pronouns

They are used to indicate a person or an object, as if pointing towards it with a finger. As for the possessives, the adjectives and the pronouns for the demonstratives have the same form. The Demonstrative Pronouns are:

Singolare Singular Plurale Plural
Masc. questo this / this one questi these / these ones
Fem. questa this / this one queste these / these ones
Masc. quello that / that one quelli those / those ones
Fem. quella that / that one quelle those / those ones


  • Questo č il tuo cane  » this is your dog, or this one is your dog
  • Quella č mia madre  »  that one (= that woman) is my mother
  • Quelli sono i suoi libri » those are his/her books, or those ones are his/her books
  • Queste sono le nostre zie »  these are our aunts or these ones are our aunts
  • Questa e quella sono identiche   »  this one and that one are identical

These pronouns may be used either as a subject of the sentence (as in the previous examples), or as an object (as in the following sentences), in which case the English translation always includes

  • (egli / ella) non prese questa, ma quella  »  he / she did not take this one, but that one
  • (tu) comprerai quelli  » you will buy those ones
  • Domani vernicerņ questi  » tomorrow I will paint these ones
  • Preferite questo o quello?   »  do you prefer this one or that one?