Coordinate conjunctions

Coordinate conjunctions (e, ma, and o) join units that are equal grammatically (fill the same position in the sentence) or join two clauses of the same type:

  • Scivolņ e cadde sul pavimento.
    » He slipped and fell on the floor.  (E joins two verbs)

  • Si muoveva velocemente ma silenziosamente.
    » He moved quickly but quietly. (Ma joins two adverbs)

  • Possiamo andare attraverso il fiume o attraverso i boschi.
    » We can go over the river or through the woods. (O joins two adverbial phrases)

  • Ieri sera andņ a casa e trovņ le finestre rotte.
    » She went home last night and found the windows broken. (E joins two clauses)

The conjunctions: entrambi / e(Both / and), non solo / ma anche (Not only / but also), sia / che (Either / or) and nč / nč (Neither / nor); serve to intensify the coordination. Examples:

  • Entrambi Maria ed io andremo alla festa.
    » Both Maria and I will go to the party
  • Non solo diede regali a tutti noi, ma anche ci invitņ alla festa.
    » She not only gave all of us presents, but she also invited us to the party
  • Nč I soldi nč il potere possono farti felice.
    » Neither money nor power can make you happy
  • Sia mio marito che io possiamo portarti a casa.
    » Either my husband or I can drive you home