Giuseppe Verdi has many masterpieces, but Libiamo ne'lieti calici (Drinking Song) is the most popular opera that he has. This song is part of Traviata that is an opera of three acts. “La Traviata”, which is currently, regarded one of the masterpieces upon which Verdi rests his remarkable fame, was at first coldly received.

“La Traviata” contains many warm feeling that public like. It fairly overflows with exquisite melody and is of marked elegance and refinement. The popular nature of music, its freedom from technical and theatrical perplexity, which the public at large is glad to be without, its ever-changing color, variety and expression, all this contributes to the vitality of this beautiful opera.

Opera Music in Italian

Libiam ne Lieti Calici

Libiamo, libiamo ne'lieti calici
che la bellezza infiora;
e la fuggevol ora
s'inebriì a voluttà.
Libiam ne' dolci fremiti
che suscita l'amore,
poichè quell'occhio al core
onnipotente va.
Libiamo, amore, amor fra i calici
più caldi baci avrà.

Tra voi saprò dividere
il tempo mio giocondo;
tutto è follia nel mondo
ciò che non è piacer.
Godiam, fugace e rapido
è il gaudio dell'amore;
e un fior che nasce e muore,
nè più si può goder.
C'invita un fervido
accento lusinghier.

Giuseppe Verdi

Libiam ne Lieti Calici

Let's drink, let's drink from this chalice of joy
that beauty so enhances
may the fleeting instant
be given over to voluptuousness
let's drink to that sweet ecstasy
that love arouses
the power of piercing eyes
straight at the heart is aimend
let's drink to love and our drinking
will render our kisses more ardent

With you all, I will learn to share
my hours of leisure
life is folly
and only pleasure counts.
Let's enjoy ourselves,
for love burns fast
a flower that blooms and dies
it was never meant to last
So revel
and rejoice
bids an alluring voice!

Giuseppe Verdi

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