Symphony from "Norma"

Vincenzo Bellini

Vincenzo Bellini also known as “The Swan of Catania” was an Italian composer who was born in Catania which is a Sicilian region on 3 November of 1801. He comes from a musician family, he started to study music at the early age and there are many stories to tell that he was a child prodigy because he had already composed his first works at the age 6.

The love for music was inherited from his grandfather who was not a very famous musician. When Vincenzo Bellini was old enough to study, he went to study at the conservatory of Naples.

Bellini spent many years studying in many others places and by 1822 he was in the class of the director Nicoḷ Zingarelli, studying the masters of the Neapolitan school and the orchestral works of Haydn and Mozart .

Vincenzo Bellini died by an acute inflammation of the intestine in Puteaux, which is a French region on 23 September of 1835.

Some of the most famous works are:

  • Adelson e Salvini.
  • Beatrice di Tenda.
  • Norma.
  • La straniera.
  • Bianca e Gernando.

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