Sonata da Chiesa

Arcangelo Corelli

Arcangello Corelli was an Italian Violinist and Composer. Corelli was born in Fusignano, which was an Italian region of Ravena, Italy. Little is known about his childhood; Corelli was the fifth child of a prosperous family, he began to studying music at an early age, and due to his great music skills he was considered as one of the most influential composers of his age.

Arcangello Corelli had a particular style to play the violin that is why the execution introduced by Corelli and preserved by his pupils, was of vital importance for the development of violin playing. Corelli died on 8 January 1713 and currently he is buried in the Pantheon at Rome.

Corelli composed many masterpieces, among which there are 48 trio sonatas, 12 violin sonatas and 12 concerti grossi. Some of his most famous works are:

  • 12 sonatas, 6 da camera and the others 6 da chiesa.

  • La Follia.

  • 12 Trio Sonatas for two violins, viola and harpsichord.

  • 12 Concertos grossos, opus 6.

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