Laura Pausini

Laura Pausini - Italian Music

Laura Pausini is an Italian singer-songwriter and since 1993 she is a record producer signed to Warner Music Group. She was born in Faenza, province of Ravenna on May 16, 1974. She is the eldest of two daughters born to Fabrizio Pausini and Gianna Ballardini.

Laura had her first recording experience when she was thirteen years old, a semi-professional release produced by her father In 1993, she won the Italian Sanremo Music Festival with one of her best known songs, "La solitudine".

In 1993, she signed a contract with the Warner Music Italy to release her first professional album, Laura Pausini. Her second album, Laura, was released in 1994. At the end of 1994, Pausini released her first Spanish album, Laura Pausini, which contained the song "Se fue".

Pausini also released Spanish editions of her native Italian language albums: Le cose che vivi (1996), La mia risposta (1998) and Tra te e il mare (2000). In 1999, she was invited by Pavarotti to his annual "Pavarotti and Friends" concert.

On 5 November 2002, was released her first English album, From the Inside, by Atlantic Records. The first hits compilation of Laura Pausini, both in Italian and Spanish were released in 2001: The Best of Laura Pausini: E ritorno da te and Lo mejor de Laura Pausini: Volveré junto a ti.

Laura Pausini - Italian Music

In 2003, Luciano Pavarotti invited her to the "Pavarotti and Friends" concert again. In 2004 she released Resta in ascolto; with the Spanish version of this album, Escucha, she won a Latin Grammy in 2005 and a Grammy in 2006.

Laura won a Latin Grammy Award for the best female album with 'Yo Canto' on 8 November 2007, the Spanish version of the album 'Io Canto'. Her tenth studio album called Primavera in anticipo was released in its Spanish edition Primavera Anticipada and in its Italian edition on November 2008.

Recently, Pausini confirmed that her new album will be coming in Christmas 2011 and announced the name of her new producer, Riccardo Benini.