Italian Rock Music

Italian rock doesn't have only one origin or only one founder. If you study the style of those bands, you will notice the great influence that they have from British pop of the 1960's; most of this influence comes from the Beatles.

Progressive rock invasion - Italian Rock Italian hardcore rock

Many bands appear and became part of the mainstream music called progressive rock with many psychedelic elements. There were many bands such as:

  • Le Orme

  • Genesis

  • King Crimson

Italian Rock had a revolution in the 1980's having a lot of hardcore scenes as answer to punk-rock and the new wave. Most of Italian hardcore bands make a mixture of vibrant tension, political commentary, and dark atmospheres; leaving aside many punk-rock stereotypes and creating many styles such as: militant rock, ethnic folk, industrial music, etc. Some of these bands are hereby:

  • Skiantos

  • Gaznevada

  • The Confusional Quartet

  • Raw Power

  • Negazione

  • Diaframma

  • Litfiba

Italian Rock Lyrics