Italian Folk Music

Italian Folk Music

Italian folk music is an important part within European culture; collecting folk songs became an issue of national importance around Europe in the 19th century, the aim was to strengthen national identity and maintain freedom and independency, or to assert the strength of nation and its ability to suppress others.

The assortment of city states, regions, dialects and cultural traditions that made up the unification of Italy bequeathed each portion of the country its own lullabies, dance tunes and love and work songs, passed down through generations in the oral tradition. There is no common national character to Italian folk music. However, divide the country into north and south and there are discernible, if rather broad, trends to be found.

In the north the music displays Slavic and Celtic influences, it's usually polyphonic and choral in nature with clear, harmonized voices and deep-pitched. In the south, Arabs, Greeks and Africans have influenced on Italian folk music; solo performance predominates, with high-pitched, often strangled singing. As one sees, Italian folk music represents an essential part of Italian traditions, there are many beautiful folk songs that one can learn in order to improve one's Italian pronunciation.

Italian Folk Lyrics

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