Cose della Vita - Eros Ramazzotti

Eros Ramazzotti was born in 1963 in Roma; he lived in Cinecittà (Roma), near to the major movie studios, for that reason he participated as extra in some movies in his childhood. He presented a request to the conservatory but it was rejected because he didn't know to read music; he studied accounting for two years but he left it and began his road into music world.

In 1981, he participated in the contest “Voces Nuevas de Castrocaro” and was finalist with “Rock 80”. After that he began to publish new singles such as “ad un amico” (to a friend), “Terra promessa” (promised land). In 1985, he released his first album called “Cuori agitati” (rebel souls) that sold a million of copies only in France. In 1986, he released his second album called “Nuovi eroi” (Today heroes) becoming one of the most popular artist in Italy. Here we have one of his most popular songs called “Cose della vita” (things of the life).

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Cose della Vita

Sono umane situazioni
quei momenti fra di noi
i distacchi e i ritorni
da capirci niente poi
gia ... come vedi
sto pensando a te ... si ... da un po

Sono umane condizioni
stare bene oppure no
puo dipendere dai giorni
dalle nostalgie che ho
gia ... come vedi
sta pensando a te

Come se questo tempo non fasse passato mai,
dove siamo stati cosa siamo poi,
confinanti di cuore solo che ognuno sta
dietro gli steccati degli orgogli suoi
sto pensando a te
sto pensando a noi

Sono cose della vita
vanno prese un po' così
e gia stata una fatica
arivare fino a qui
gia ... come vedi
io sto ancora in piedi perche

Sono umani tutti i sogni miei
con le mani io li prenderei… si perche
sono umani questi sogni miei
con le mani io li prenderei

Sono cose della vita
ma la vita poi dov'e
se da quando e partita
un inseguimento e
gia ... come vedi
sto pensando ancora a te

Questa notte che passa piano
accanto a me
cerco di affrontarla
e se prendo le curve del cuore sbandando un po
voglio provocarla
anche adesso che
sto pensando a te
sto pensando a noi
da un po ...
gia da un po

Eros Ramazzotti

Things of the life

Are human situations
The moments of the two
The distance the passions
Finding a reason
Today ... as always
I'm thinking of you ... if ... you see

They are human conditions
Feeling good or not
If it is day or night
If it is nostalgia or indifference
Today ... as always
I'm thinking of you

As if our time had not passed
Tell me where are we, what would happen
Hearts arrows but of each one
That's the barrier that we have to bring down
I'm thinking of you
I'm thinking about my

These are the things of life
They go always together like this
The effort and fatigue
That means being here
Today ... I look at the sky
With my feet on the floor because ...

Being human is what I want to be
With my hands I’ll catch it up… yes because…
Being human is what I want to be… I want to be
With my hands I’ll catch it up

These are the things in life
Never get used… I won’t do it
It is almost always a wound
That your heart don’t see it… that don’t see it
Today ... as always
I think only in you

And this night passes slowly
Touching my
I try to deal with it
Grasp it
And drift around the curves of your heart because
I want to provoke it
And I want you to know that ...
I'm thinking of you…
I'm thinking about my…
You see ...
You see ...

Eros Ramazzotti


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