Rigoletto - Caro nome

Giuseppe Verdi was the famous author of “Caro Nome” (Dearest Name) that is a representative opera in Italian culture. Verdi was born in Busseto- Italy in 1813; he was a romantic composer of opera in the 19th century. Giuseppe Verdi has rightfully enjoyed a high standing among opera lovers that continues to grow as productions and recording of his works.

Rigoletto is an opera that consist of three acts, its music was composed by Giuseppe Verdi and “Caro nome” is one of the main songs. This opera is about strong feeling such as love, hate, revenge and deception. Rigoletto is the star of this opera; he is a jester in the Duchy of Mantua’s court.

Rigoletto - 'Caro nome'


Gualtier Maldè...nome di lui sì amato
scolpisciti nel core innamorato!

Caro nome che il mio cor
festi primo palpitar,
le delizie dell'amor
mi dêi sempre rammentar!
Col pensiero il mio desir
a te ognora volerà,
e pur l' ultimo sospir,
caro nome, tuo sarà.

Tutte le feste al tempio
mentre pregava Iddio,
bello e fatale un giovane
s' offerse al guardo mio...
Se i labbri nostri tacquero
dagli occhi il cor parlò.

Furtivo tra le tenebre
sol ieri a me giungeva...
son studente, povero,
commosso mi diceva,
e con ardente palpito
amor mi protestò.
Partì...il mio core aprivasi
a speme più gradita,
quando improvviso apparvero
color che m' han rapita,
e a forza qui m' addussero
nell' ansia più crudel.

Giuseppe Verdi 


Gualtier Maldè... name of my beloved,
Brand this loving heart!

Sweet name, you who made my heart
throb for the first time,
you must always remind me
the pleasures of love!
My desire will fly to you
on the wings of thought
and my last breath
will be yours, my beloved.

All parties to the temple
and prayed to God,
beautiful and fatal a youth
offered to look after me…
if your lips were silent
I saw my heart speak.

Suddenly into darkness
came to me yesterday…
I'm a poor student
with emotion told me,
and a fervent beat
I protested my love
I left… my sad heart
hope is more acceptable
when it suddenly appeared
colored it has kidnapped me
and here to force me
It adduced the cruelest anxiety.

Giuseppe Verdi