Umberto Saba

Umberto Poli, Umberto Saba, was born in 1883 in the Mediterranean port of Trieste. His father leaved him when he was born; he lived in the house of the Peppa who was a maid. When he returned to his house, he suffered many traumas that took him into a neurosis. In 1903, he began to study literature in the University of Pisa. When he returned to Trieste, he married with Carolina W÷lfler and he had a daughter with her.

In 1910, he published in Florence his first volume of his verses called Poesie. He participated in the First World War; when it finished, he returned to Trieste, bought a library and attended it. In 1921, the first edition of Canzionere appeared. Many years after, he suffered the racist laws, promulgated by the fascism, because he was Jewish; and he had to escape from Trieste to Rome. In 1948, he returned to Trieste but many setbacks aggravated his illness. In his last years, he composed some verses and some text in prose like the novel Ernesto. He died in 1957.

Poems in Italian

I giovani, desiderosi di obblighi
spontaneamente offerto la loro spalle il peso.
Non resistente. Grida di malinconia.

Vagabondaggio, evasione, poesia,
Meraviglie costoso quando Ŕ tardi! in ritardo
assottiglia aria ei passi diventano
Oggi Ŕ meglio di ieri
ala anche se non la felicitÓ.

Un giorno assume la bontÓ
del suo volto, vediamo qualcuno rompere
come il fumo il suo dolore inutile.
Umberto Saba

The youth, eager to obligations
spontaneously offered their shoulders the burden.
Not resistant. Cries of melancholy.

Vagrancy, evasion, poetry,
Expensive wonders when it's late! late
thins air and the steps become
Today is better than yesterday
wing although no happiness.

One day assume the goodness
of his face, we see someone break
like smoke her pain useless.
Umberto Saba