Poema 5 de "Xenia" II

Eugenio Montale

Eugenio Montale was born in Milan in 1896; he was a poet, essayist and music critic. He wanted to be a singer that took him to be a music critic; he obtained the title of accountant; he also learned French and English by his own. In 1917, he got into the army and participated in the First World War; after that he went to Florencia for working in the Bemporad editorial in 1925.

In 1929, he was the principal of the Gabinete Vieusseux, one of the most important libraries of his time, for 10 years. During the Second World War, he hosted many persecuted writers in his house such as Umberto Saba and Carlo Levi. After the war he traveled around Europe to the USA; he obtained the degree of doctor in the University of Milan. In 1962, he got married with Drusilla Tanzi who died one year after. He became a senator for life thanks to the president Giuseppe Saragat. In 1975, he obtained the Nobel Price. He died in 1981.

Poems in Italian

Ho perso il vostro braccio almeno un milione di scale
e ora tu non sei ogni passo è un vuoto.
Così breve è stato anche il nostro lungo viaggio.
Il mio è ancora di più non ho bisogno di
trasbordi, con posto riservato
trappole, i rimproveri di coloro che credono
quello che vediamo è la realtà.

Ho perso milioni di scale dando braccio
e non perché quattro occhi vedono meglio di due.
Hai perché sapevo che i due
gli occhi solo reale, ma molto appannato
sono tuo.
Eugenio Montale

I have lost yours arm at least one million stairs
and now you're not every step is a vacuum.
So short was also our long journey.
Mine is still more I do not need
transshipments; priority seating
traps, the reproaches of those who believe
what we see is reality.

I've lost millions of stairs giving arm
and not because four eyes can see better than two.
You got because I knew the both
the only real eyes, but very tarnished
were yours.
Eugenio Montale