Dino Campana - Donne Genovesa

Dino Campana was born in Marradi (Toscana) in 1885; he was a poet, studied Latin and Greek, and dominated German, English and French. He studied pharmacy in the University of Bolonia. When he was 22 years old, he traveled to South America and worked in Argentina as miner, firefighter, police and pianist. After that he traveled to Odessa, as stowaway, where he joined to gypsies who worked in the local market; he traveled for Amberes, Rotterdam, Paris and Basilea before he returned to home.

In 1929, he was the principal of the Gabinete Vieusseux, one of the most important libraries of his time, for 10 years. During the Second World War, he hosted many persecuted writers in his house such as Umberto Saba and Carlo Levi. After the war he traveled around Europe to the USA; he obtained the degree of doctor in the University of Milan. In 1962, he got married with Drusilla Tanzi who died one year after. He became a senator for life thanks to the president Giuseppe Saragat. In 1975, he obtained the Nobel Price. He died in 1981.

Poems in Italian

Mi hai portato un po 'di alghe
tra i capelli e l'odore del vento
quelle provenienti da lontano giunge grave
bruciore avuto sulla tua abbronzatura
-O divina
semplicitÓ di sottile-forme:
non l'amore e la sofferenza, un fantasma,
un'ombra vaga di necessitÓ
sereno e inevitabile per l'anima
e si dissolve in gioia, il fascino, calma,
in modo da poter vento sud-est
portarlo all'infinito.
Quel po 'di luce Ŕ il mondo nelle tue mani!
Dino Campana

You brought me a bit of seaweed
in your hair and the smell of wind
that coming from far reaches serious
burning had on your tan
-or divine
simplicity of your slim-forms:
not love and suffering, a phantom,
a shadow of necessity vague
serene and inevitable for the soul
and dissolves into joy, charm, calm,
so you can wind Southeast
take it to infinity.
That little light is the world in your hands!
Dino Campana