Imagine that you've just arrived in exotic Italy, and plan on staying for awhile, so, before you leave on your trip to this foreign land, you decide to figure out what the general standards are when it comes to jobs in Italy.

Planning an extended stay in Italy

Italian Job Application

What sort of questions are on the job application, and even equally important, where can you apply for Italian jobs, are things that require attention, and with a some light research, can make your transition to a new job market much smoother.

Similar to the case when you apply for a job in any country, there are basic expectations that should be met. Of course your residential address is going to make a difference in terms of wherever you decide to work. Also in a similar vein, jobs in most countries prefer that you are able to speak the national language. Jobs in Italy are no different.

Italian Styles and Practices

Don't be surprised if you notice that the format, or template of the Italian job application is different than what you are used to. Be sure to nail the specific style of the resume so that you show your cultural savvy and ability to assimilate into the cultural norms of the country you are working in.

Italian Resume Preferences

When you compose your resume, and you think of which places will help you shine the most and remain competitive in the local market, keep in mind that in Italy, personal references, and social ties can carry you a significant way up towards the top of the business community. So, if you do have some connections with stellar reputations that can be validated by the local community, by all means, include those. Italians also show a propensity to be concerned with status in terms of your academic background, business accomplishments, and of course attire. And of course, remember to include in your skill sets portion of the application that you speak the language.

Maintaining a Professional Image

Keeping a fresh, and clean image is a must, since Italians are known as a fashion savvy culture. Having a stellar appearance on your interview is just the kind of thing that might help you get your foot in the door for job consideration, or a second interview. Basically, your appearance reflects your status, and if you are hired, your status will inevitably, in turn, reflect the status of the company you are applying to work with. Now that you know how important fashion, and professional work attire are in Italy, you can have fun browsing around to find out what the trendiest looks are either online or in person, until you find the right fit for you so that you can make the right impression.

During the job application process, once you've already submitted you work history, skills, and references, it's important to keep in mind that the new hire process in Italy can be slower that the traditional norm or the United States. With that said, this tradition is nothing to take lightly. Any attempt to speed up the process with extra emails, or phone calls regarding the status of your application may immediately cause you to lose consideration for any position, or pending business relationship.