Getting a grasp of cultural norms is something that will help anyone go farther when it comes to Italian jobs. In Italian business, being able to make network connections does in fact have to do with social connections, so the language barrier can break you if you're not able to speak with the locals. If at all possible, you are going to want to fall in with a crowd of professionals with connections, since in Italy, climbing the ranks has a lot to do with who you know, not necessarily how much you know.

Cultural norms

Business in Italy

Cultural etiquette is so important because of the fact that messages can easily be misconstrued in terms of local meanings, practices, or idioms. There are important customs and practices that should be followed in order to maintain an idea of respect. For example, it is customary in Italy for more elder people, and women to be introduced first, when in any social setting as it is simply a matter of coming off as polite.

Depending on whether you are meeting with business acquaintances, friends, or family, the expected responses are all different. If you are in a group meeting situation in Italy, the polite thing to do would be to shake hands with each individual person present.

The goal is to be attentive and to acknowledge each person as an individual. On the contrary, a nod gesture to each person, or the group at large would be considered to be on the rude side. Close friends, family, or friends of family would generally be greeted with strong embraces.

Business practices and norms

Any Italian profession, or business ventures is something that requires connections, but equally important, they built on foundations that both prefer, and require time, and patience. Unlike common practices in places like the U.S., Italians have a more leisurely approach to taking on new business responsibilities, ventures, or partners. It is of the utmost importance not to put time pressures on potential clients, or whoever, as that may be a deal breaker. The fact is, you just can't rush things when it comes to business.

With respect to social outings, colleagues from work or friends from outside of work may invite you out because there is a significant nightlife and social scene in Italy. With that said, it is important for expatriates and foreigners working there abroad to know that if you are given an invitation to an event, dinner, lunch, or party or some sort, declining is considered to be an insult.

Given the parameters and expectations of Italian employers, one might expect there to be some typical questions in financial job interviews that are presented at most any interview. Such questions might include those that attempt to elicit things about your work ethic, reliability, and ability to work well with a team.

Italian Clothing

Italy is a sophisticated city in some part because of its rich history, and culture. When embarking upon the journey of entering the business world, in terms of Italian companies, it is important that your clothing meet a certain standard, the Italian standard. This is so very important, because in Italy, your clothing and outward appearance, including grooming, is a direct reflection of your success, and, or social standing.

Resume in Italy

Going for a job interview in Italy means that you should keep in mind the importance of job history. On a resume, which you'll collectively review with hiring staff, you should definitely be sure to list information about degrees earned, concentrations, and specific skills etc.

References, and connections are just as important insofar that they establish your reputation.

Resume Language Skills

Resume skills are important for any job but excellent language skills in your resume are essential in obtaining that job you always wanted.

Job Opportunities

Job opportunities in Italy are increasingly ‘global’ in scope. Innovation coupled with a tradition of dominance in economies of scale mean that Italian speaking professionals are in demand.

Job Application

Italian language instruction allows job candidates to accurately respond to Italian employment opportunities. Learn to fulfill job application, resume and cover letter requirements in Italian.

MBA in Italy

Study for an MBA in Italy is the chance of a lifetime. From the emergence of the world’s first banking system under the Medici Family, to present day foreign direct investment by Italian companies.